I am ASTONISHED with the pigmentation of these makeup products!

On YouTube you guys always ask me if I can create makeup looks with affordable brands like L.A. Girl, essence and BISSU. Well here it is and I am so surprised with many of the products I used because they’re almost as good or even better than some high-end makeup.

I do have to say the majority of the affordable makeup brands use very high amounts of chemicals like parabens, petroleum, silicone etc. in their products.

If you want to check how bad a product is or the ingredients that are in a beauty product go to www.ewg.org and there you write a brand, product or ingredient and it tells you how cancerous they are, if they are prompt for allergies, and pretty much everything about it.

Now moving on to the makeup, I combined some orange, yellow and blue for a super color block look that feels fun but still wearable.

On the eyes I used BISSU eye primer and let me tell you is one of the best primers I have ever tried. Somehow it also works as eye glue for glitter and works well for that too.

Next I used the mini palette of 4 shadows of the brand BISSU as well.

On the crease I used the yellow and orange shadow and on the lid I used only the orange one. On the outer corner of the eye I used the matte brown to darken a little bit the orange and on the lower lashes I used the orange the yellow and the brown combined. On top of that combination of shadows, really REALLY close to the lower lash line I used the blue BISSU shadow and blue glitter on top.

The fake lashes are from Ardell in DOUBLE UP (My favorites).

For the face I used L.A. Girl primer and it sucks (for me). So oily for my combination skin and well I didn’t like it. Moving on, I used the BISSU makeup base and I liked the consistency, feels really light on the face and the coverage is medium. Bad thing is that the next day I had some mini zits on my face like of clogged pores and I think it was the base but who knows maybe it was just my oily face.

For the bronzer I used THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BRONZER EVER! And I am so happy and sad at the same time because I don’t want to use it again because of all the parabens it has but I don’t want to stop using it because is the perfect summer glow for only $0.90 DLLS!

For the highlight I used an eye palette from essence that’s gives a natural glow and for the lips I used an L.A. Girl liner with some random brandless lip-gloss.

As for pigmentation and duration of makeup BISSU is a good option but if you do care of what ingredients are in it would be best to find other makeup with less harmful chemicals.

I guess using it once in a while is o.k. But for everyday use I don’t think is a good idea.

Hope you like the look and if you recreate it I would love to see how it turned out using the hashtag #SLAYMIWA so we can all see our recreations.

-Anna Sarelly A.K.A Tipsy Goat

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