My first pair of Louboutins, so FREAKING happy!!!

I think everyone remembers their first designer something, call it a bag, some shoes, a coat or jewelry. I remember my first designer purse: a denim Louis Vuitton which is VERY out of season (kind of reminds me of Paris Hilton´s fashion when she had her reality show “The simple life”) but I still have it and love it because I have a sentimental attachment to it.

I´m adding to my memories list these babies. My mom and I think really different when talking about fashion invesments because she says: “If you’re already buying expensive stuff you should buy a classic design that doesn’t go out of season so you can wear it whenever you want, but I think they should be extravagant pieces that are so special, and no other brand will have a dupe or something similar.

So these sandal heels are obviously extravagant and special and the whole outfit revolves around them.

Simple jeans, plain tank top and some killer shoes to make some heads turn. If it gets chilly add a statement jacket and that’s it. Cool and simple OOTD.

-Anna A.K.A. Tipsy Goat


Chamarra: Rapsodia (This one is last season but they have a similar one right now)

Blusa: Express

Jeans: J brand

Zapatos: Louboutin

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