Yesterday I uploaded a lil sneak peak of this outfit to Instagram and I loved how some of you commented: “didn’t your other sister already wore that to one of your other sister’s bachelorette party?” Hahaha I love how you guys do pay attention to my instastories.

We are three sisters and luckily we are almost the same size so our closets multiply by 3 and we get to share everything. I am the “chubby one” of the fam and my sisters clothes always fit me differently than they fit them. Both of them are the same size and people always think they´re twins.

So yeah, this outfit I stole it from my middle sister and I do have to say it fits better on her than on me because she has more bust and the cleavage on her looks AMAZING.


I am not a fan of dresses, when I wear them I feel too girly and its not particularly my style but I freaking loved this one. Its the perfect combination of girly but cool but girly.

The little lace detail on the bottom gives the girly touch and the low cleavage makes it cool and sexy in a classy way. For the jewelry I stacked some gold little chains and a cool bracelet to give some texture to the plain orange summer dress.

Now my favorite part… I am so excited to show you these heels. They’re so folkloric but cool and they’re from a Mexican brand (I love buying local). I have to say they’re tall so you DO get tired after walking for a while. Really pretty shoes but not meant for walking long distances.

Hope you love the look and don’t forget to use the hashtag #SLAYMIWA if you get inspired by it. Happy Monday and lets start the week with lots of energy and productivity.

-Anna Sarelly AKA Tipsy Goat


Dress: Lovers & Friends ( is sold out but they do have a similar one still available here)

Shoes: Andrea

Sunglasses: rayban

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